Wednesday, September 27

I'm away...!

Further to my last post regarding problems posting pictures I've still had no response from the Blogger team. I think this may be because they are spending all their time developing a new version of Blogger, currently known as 'Beta Blogger'.
Me being as impatient as I am, I've decided to upsticks and shift over there....

(DON'T update your bookmarks / favourites, - I will change the location for


Friday, September 22

What no Pictures?!

I haven't posted much lately because for some reason I am unable to insert photo's. All text looks a bit boring, so I'm waiting for a response from the Blogger team as to what the problem is.

Monday, September 18

Wedding Anniversary

For our first Wedding Anniversary (3rd September), we went to Glasgow for the weekend to see Robbie Williams in concert at Hampden Park.We travelled up there on the Friday (with the aid of Pinar's sat nav which we borrowed), and arrived early afternoon. We were staying in the Crowne Plaza hotel which was right on the river side next to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC). The Crowne Plaza used to be a Moat House and has been recently
refurbished to quite a high standard. There are quite a few similarities between the Glasgow river side and that of Newcastle; The shape of the SECC is basically a cross between the Sage Gateshead and the Sidney Opera House, - there's a link to my Flickr photos at the end of this post.
The building is featured weekly in the X-Factor at the minute whenever they show the Glasgow auditions. There is a also a Millenium Bridge although this is pretty boring compared to ours. The area is oviously one of the nicer parts of Glasgow and it looks like they're doing a good job.After a few drinks, a kip and a meal in the hotel we decided to try and bar crawl as much of Glasgow as possible!! It was a really good night although we did end up spending a fortune seeing as we ended up a Casino and our luck was far from in!
We had a lazy day on the Saturday, making use of the Hotels leisure club until it was time to head to the concert at about 4pm. By this time a work colleague of mine and her husband had also arrived, - Claire and Mark.A taxi dropped us all off at an area of bars within walking distance of Hampden Park, so we sank a few more before heading the stadium.
I have to say it's a very impressive stadium. It's set below ground level, much like Sunderland's Stadium of Light so you don't actually see the stadium until you're right on top of it. Complete opposite to St James's Park which can be seen from miles away!
The 2 support acts were Orson followed by Basement Jaxx which were both really good, - then Robbie came on at 8.30. This was my 3rd Robbie Williams concert so I kind of new what to expect and as always he didn't fail to deliver. If you watched the concert on Sky you'll also know he did a couple of songs with his best mate Jonathan Wilks.
Concert finished at about 10.30 and then there was the usual mad exodus as 60,000 people all tried to leave the stadium at once to get back home or to their hotel. This really is the worst part about stadium concerts but there's nothing you can do about it so it's best just to go with the flow.
As we were walking back through the main car park I spotted the drummer from Orson casually leaning against their tour bus. Jen and Claire got his autograph and had their photos taken with him as well as the 2 guitarists! This really made Jen's night. The autographs were all done on her concert ticket, - hmmm possibly worth anything on eBay?! We managed to find an overpriced taxi to get us back to the hotel but it was better than the 4 mile walk! We waited for 12 o'clock to come so we could see our Anniversary in with a bottle of champagne, then turned in completely wrecked!
Breakfast was delivered by room service next morning along with a big bunch of flowers, - am I romantic or what! We then headed home about lunch time, again with the aid of the sat nav!!Quick wash and change then off to Newcastle for a meal at the Azzuri restaurant on the quayside. By this time I was completely sick of lager given that we had been drinking all through the concert, so I drank wine most of the night. This probably wouldn't have been such a bad idea until we ended up at the Pitcher & Piano and decided to drink shooters...Groooannn!!
Anyway it was a cracking weekend, but it's a good job they only come round once a year!!


Friday, September 8

"Wahey we're the Monk-ies"

(apologies for the poor post title!!)
Jen's Uncle is actually a Monk. Yes a real life full time dedicated one, - there's no punchlines to go with any of this. Her Uncle Neil, or Brother Aidan as he's known, is based at Sancta Maria Abbey in a place called Nunraw, Scotland. I'm not entirely sure of the details as to how long he has been there, and how his life panned out before becoming a Cistercian Monk, but I'm sure someone reading this could leave a comment with more details (hint, hint Valerie / Enis / Jen).
Anyway, on the Sunday of the last bank holiday weekend (27th August) Jen and I went to visit Neil along with her parents. They'd obviously all been to Nunraw many times before, but it was a first for me.
It was a really enjoyable day and of course I was trigger happy with the camera as usual, - photo's to follow.....

EDIT: Received an update from Enis, -Neil's Sister, with a bit of background about his life before hand....
Hi Revell. I saw your site about Nunraw, so here are some details. Neil has been in the monastery for 46 years. Previous to this he did his national service & spent some time in Singapore, he also played cricket & rugby for his local club. His job before entering nunraw was with the Forestry. Hope this helps. Enis

Target Market

Not sure if this is a sign of desperation from Sony or actually a good marketing ploy!?
The PlayStation3 was originally due out for xmas this year, but due to production problems they're concentrating their supplies on Japan and the US. When it eventually does arrive here, the sales of the PS2 (above) will surely plummet so I guess Sony are trying to push through as many as possible before then. Looks like they're marketting it as a glorified Karaoke machine though, - not sure what other games this type of audience would be into...?
(No Jen - you CAN'T have one!!)


Wednesday, August 23

Six Horrifying Parasites

The post title says it all I'm afraid. If you're a little bit squemish probably best not to look at this....
The one about the 'Sacculina' is the worst one in my opinion!!


Monday, August 21

Animator vs Animation

I could have watched this fight between a stick man and a mouse pointer for hours....


Friday, August 18

All she needs now is the world's largest blackboard...!

Check out this woman's nails!...And if you're really interested there's a 7 minute video in typical American style to go with it.


Frustrated Gymnast?!?


I have to dedicate this entry to the legend that is Jen's Brother - Mark;
Mark's the same age as me, and like me I guess he's really just a kid at heart. The difference is because there's always a house full of kids at Mark's house, I think he must sometimes forget how old he is...!

When I last spoke to Mark a few months back he was tellings a story about how he'd been on the kids trampoline in his back garden. He's jumped onto it, presumably from quite a height, and bounced straight off - over the fence into his neighbours back garden.
Rather than count himself lucky for not getting badly injured on that occasion, Mark again recently decided to have a blast on the trampoline. He really excelled himself this time and managed to break his left elbow!!
He's now in hospital for an operation and is expected to be laid up for months with what the doctor described as 'one of the worst bones to break'.

Get well soon Mark.

"Thunderbolts and lightning - very very frightening meeee.."

Originally uploaded by Beebop Alula.

A dutch friend of ours sent us this pic he captured recently from the front window of his house in Holland (derr - no sh*t Sherlock!). I like nothing better than a cracking thunderstorm, but I have to say I think I would have found this one a bit scary!
It's difficult to judge the perspective on the photo but I'm trying to work out where the lightning is in relation to those power lines!!